Garden Design Study Group

Garden Design Study Group

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Significant Australian Gardens

The Garden Design Study Group has begun a project to make a lasting record of significant gardens with a predominance of Australian plants.

For the present, these records will enable visitors to the website to gain an understanding of gardens they may not be able to visit in person. For the future, if a garden is radically altered when the ownership changes, there will still be a record to demonstrate how Australian plants have been successfully used in garden design.

Some of the features to look for in these gardens are:

  • balance of plant mass and open space
  • pleasing spaces to look at and be in
  • appeal to the senses - light and colour, fragrance, sounds, touch.
  • blending of hard landscape into soft, including sympathetic use of rocks
  • delights and surprises
  • harmony and unity

The aim is to cover a range of different types of gardens - small and large, suburban and country, naturalistic and more formal designs.

The Gardens

Garden Snapshots

Less detailed than the 'significant gardens' reports, these short, pictorial snapshots (with some description) show the features of some of the gardens of Study Group members and others.

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