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Acacia elongata


These are a few internet and other resources on acacias that might prove useful:


  • Armitage, I (1977), Acacias of New South Wales, Society for Growing Australian Plants, NSW Region.
  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1982), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, Vol.2, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Hitchcock, M (1991), Wattle, Australian Government Publishing Service.
  • Pedley, L (1987), Acacias in Queensland.
  • Rogers, F, Field Guide to the Wattles of Victoria.
  • Simmons, M (1981), Acacias of Australia, Vol.1, Thomas Nelson Australia.
  • Simmons, M (1987), Growing Acacias, Kangaroo Press.
  • Simmons, M (1988), Acacias of Australia, Vol.2, Penguin Books Australia.
  • Tame, T (1992), Acacias of South-east Australia, Kangaroo Press.
  • Wibley, D (1980), Acacias of South Australia, South Australian Government Printer.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Acacia.

  • Vol 10, No.82 March 1980; Microwave treatment of Acacia seed.
  • Vol 11, No.91 June 1982; Wattles of the Grampians.
  • Vol 14, No.114 March 1988; Outline of characteristics of Acacia.
  • Vol 17, No.134 March 1993; Top End wattles for gardens.
  • Vol 18, No.147 June 1986; Vegetative propagation of wattles.
  • Vol 21, No.169 December 2001; Acacia leprosa 'Scarlet Blaze' - Victoria's Federation flower.
  • Vol 22, No.180 September 2004; Entire issue.


  • On-Line Key to Acacia - WATTLE ver 2.2 This is an interactive, web-based service to help people identify any species of wattle and access further information on a particular species. This link leads to the Lucid Key Server - to find the Acacia key, use the 'Search' menu option on that page to search for Acacia.

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